In Switzerland

August 10 – December 5

Switzerland is a small country partly in the Alps in central Europe, with typical mountain animals, such as Alpine Ibex and Alpine Chamois. In order to obtain a hunting license in Switzerland is very complicated, so that the procedure has to start at least one year before the hunt (up to January 15th for every year). Foreigners can obtain the license for Ibex and Chamois hunt through a process of bidding. To get the license each hunter has to send, one year before the hunt, two photographs, a copy of a valid passport and USD 4.000 for Alpine Ibex and USD 1.000 for Alpine Chamois that will be revolved in case the license is not obtained.
The hunt is Switzerland is excellently organized, the local guides know very well the whereabouts of the animals and will take the hunter only on specimens that have been previously identified, that are very old and have very large trophies. Each hunter has the right to hunt for two days in the dates decided by the local government. The use of motor vehicles is forbidden and hunting can be done only by stalking. A discrete physical condition is necessary.
Lodging and meals are provided in small hotels in areas that are closest to the one for which the license is given.


4/3 hunting days, 1 hunter, 1 professional US $ 4.000
Observer daily US $ 350

Trophy Fees

Alpine Ibex up to 80 cm US $ 13.300
Alpine Ibex up to 95 cm US $ 550/cm
Alpine Ibex over 95 cm US $ 670/cm
Alpine Chamois US $ 5.800

Rates include

Geneva airport assistance, gun clearance, ground transportation, meals and lodging during the hunt, professional hunter, skinning, salting and trophy care, hunting license, hunting permit and insurance.

Rates don't include

Hotel and meals before and after the hunt, 20% Tax on final bill, trophy packing and shipping, taxidermy, export permits, veterinary certificates and legal order, airline tickets, phone calls and tips, taxidermy, trophy shipment. NOTE: Hunt in Europe is not a taxidermist, nor a shipping agent and we decline all responsibility relative to their performance


• Traveling days are included in the duration of the program.
• When all trophies booked are collected the hunt is considered over.
• The trophy fees should be paid if the animals are wounded and not found.
• Non hunter fees are US$ 350 if no extra vehicles are required.
• The airport of arrival should be Geneva, Switzerland.
• This hunting licence is personal and not transferable by cancellation of the hunt.
• Programs, prices and exchange rates are subject to change and based on CHF.
• Additional costs are due after the hunt, based on the hunting protocol which has to be signed by both parties

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