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 In Spain

August – April

We organize red-legged partridge driven hunts in various hunting areas in Spain, considered among best for this type of hunt. These are luxury areas, first class areas and standard areas. They are located from 2 to 3,5 hours driving from Madrid. The hunting areas dispose of beautiful hunting houses, with excellent Spanish cuisine and all commodities for a pleasurable stay.
A group of 6 – 10 people has to harvest at least 500 partridges daily in order to justify the costs of the driven hunt. Drives are organized with beaters and a small number of dogs, while the hunters wait and shoot from fixed spots. Every hunter can use a reloader and a secretario, who counts and gathers the harvested game. 4-5 drives are organized daily, with lunch in the field. Drives can be organize for two or more consecutive days.

Standard area Salamanca:

Per group of 5-8 hunters, with 2 full boards and 1 hunting day, minimum 500 partridges $ 26.000
Additional partridge over 500 $ 39

First class area Albacete:

Per group of 5-8 hunters, with 2 full boards and 1 hunting day, minium 500 partridges $ 30.500
Additional partridge over 500 $ 53
Throw of at least 1.000 ducks, per duck $ 39
1 day driven hunt, including 3 deer, 2 muflon sheep, wild boar
and females without number limit, per hunter
$ 10.800

First class area Extremadura:

Per group of 5-8 hunters, with 2 full boards and 1 hunting day, minium 600 partridges $ 44.500
Additional partridge over 600 $ 48
Individual hunter in other group $ 6.600

Luxury area Jerez:

Daily hunting organization, per person $ 1.900
Each pheasant $ 75
Each partridge $ 100
Minimum 800 birds per group daily

Rates include

Assistance at the airport of arrival, transport to/from the airport and the hunting ground, all ground transport in the reserve, lodging and full board in the hunting house, organization of the hunt.

Rates don't include

Spanish hunting license and insurance ($ 135), secretario $ 110 daily, reloader $ 110 daily, tip for beaters $ 40, tips for the house $ 135 for the whole period of stay, rifle rent $ 200, shells per box of 25 $ 10, Tax 21% and personal extras

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