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The largest moose in the world come from the remote area above Kamchtka, called Chukotka. These are areas covered in tundra with few birch forests along the numerous rivers in the region. Moose hunts are organized for 3 hunters, who will be taken to the hunting area using a hydroplane after a fueling stop. They will arrive at a predetermined point where they will be met by a tankette (a tank without weapons), the only vehicle that can go through the Siberian tundra. The tankette will be carrying the tents and equipment for 7 – 8 hunting days, moving every day from one wood to the next and from one river to the next, searching for moose. Hunters can sleep in the tents or in the tankette, based on their preference. The first frosts start in the month of September and there is also the possibility of snow. Temperatures during the day range between 5 – 10°C, while during the night they go down to -5 – -10°C.
At the end of the hunt, hunters will reach with the tankette the only village in the area, some 250km from Anadir, from where they can return to Anadir using a river boat or by plane, based on their necessities.


10/7 hunting days, one Chukotka moose included $ 16.900
Second moose trophy fee $ 3.500
Bear trophy fee $ 3.500

Rates include

Charter flight from Anadir to the hunting area, lodging in a tented camp or in tankette without services, services of a local professional guide, first treatment of the trophies.

Rates don't include

International and national air fares to Anadir, hotels before and after the hunt, Russian visa, rifle import, veterinary certificates, rifle rent, taxidermy, trophy documentation and shipment, tips, drinks and personal extras.

Payment: 50% at booking, balance due before the end of June.

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