Mongolia – Ibexes

 In Mongolia

July – October

Situated in the center of Asia, Mongolia is an immense country with only 2 million inhabitants of which one half live in the capital. In the west the country is mountainous where the chain of the Altai Mountains rises, there is the desert in the south, with the famous desert of the Gobi while the rest of the country is covered with steppe apart some wooded areas in the north. The precipitations are typically scarce with a continental climate with rigid winters. For this reason even if the hunting season is open until February we advise you to hunt from July thru October, final limit November. The fact that the greatest part of Mongolia is wild and uninhabited makes it a real Eden for the wild animals.


7/4 hunting days Altai Ibex, min. 2 hunters $ 11.900
7/4 hunting days Gobi Ibex, min. 2 hunters $ 9.900

Rates include

Full board accommodation in yurtas in hunting areas, guide-interpreter, first preparation of the trophies, assistance at the airport, all ground transports.

Rates don't include

Airfares, baggage overweight, drinks (must be bought upon arrival in Ulaan Baator), entry visa, gun import permit. Visa and gun import permit are issued and paid for at the airport of Ulaan Baator, CITES, veterinary certificates, export documentation for trophies.

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