In Macedonia

August – April

Macedonia is a small mountain country between Greece and Serbia, with the best population on Balkan Chamois in Europe in national parks and a large Muflon sheep, Fallow Deer and Wild Boar populations in very large fenced areas. Macedonia is also the only country where Cretensis Ibex, known as Kri – Kri Ibex can be hunted legally. Lodging is provided in hunting houses with excellent food within the hunting grounds. The hunt is easy and with high success rate.


Daily hunting organisation US $ 750
Observer daily US $ 350

Trophy Fees

Balkan Chamois US $ 4.900
Muflon Sheep up to 80 cm US $ 4.100
Muflon Sheep up to 85 cm US $ 4.550
Muflon Sheep over 85 cm US $ 7.300
Fallow deer US $ 2.900
Cretensis (Kri – Kri) Ibex up to 60 cm US $ 15.500
Each cm over 60 US $ 500
Hybrid ibex US $ 11.900
Wolf US $ 4.900
Thar US $ 12.600
Barbary Sheep US $ 9.400
Racka sheep up to 40 cm US $ 6.200
Racka sheep over 40 cm US $ 8.000
Wild Boar US $ 3.500
Feral goat US $ 4.200
Wild Turkey US $ 500

Rates include

Airport assistance, import rifle permit, ground transportation, meals and lodging during the hunt, professional hunter, skinning, salting and trophy care, hunting license, hunting permit and insurance.

Rates don't include

Hotel and meals before and after the hunt, trophy packing and shipping, taxidermy, export permits, veterinary certificates and legal order (US $ 500 per box), CITES permit per animal US$ 600, airline tickets, VAT 18%, phone calls and tips, taxidermy, trophy shipment. NOTE: Hunt in Europe is not a taxidermist, nor a shipping agent and we decline all responsibility relative to their performance.


• Traveling days are included in the duration of the program.
• When all trophies booked are collected the hunt is considered over.
• The trophy fees should be paid if the animals are wounded and not found
• The 18% VAT be added on total bill
• Non hunter fees are US $ 350 if no extra vehicles are required.
• Kri Kri and Alpine Ibex has to be booked at least 1 year in advance and confirmed if license in available.
• The airport of arrival should be Skopje in Macedonia.

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